Using Photo Booth Kiosks to Enhance Your Event

Just about everyone has taken a photo booth for a spin at one time or another. Found everywhere from shopping malls to family entertainment centers, these clever contraptions are among the best ways to inject excitement and intrigue into any gathering place. Photo booth rentals make it easy to bring the fun and appeal to your event or temporary venue without the cost or logistic obligations of ownership. What’s more, today’s booths offer a wealth of cutting-edge features such as customizable filters, photo effects and social media integration, assuring avid interest from your audience.

Who Can Benefit?

It seems like no matter where you place it, the photo booth kiosk is a magnetic attractor for users of all ages. Our setups have been featured everywhere from new product launch events to trade shows and private gatherings of all varieties. No matter the reason for your celebration, it’s always assured to be more memorable when attendees go home with fun, branded pictures to mark the occasion.

Branding is not limited solely to the photographs, however. One of the most notable benefits of our photo booth rental service is the ability to customize our kiosks, both inside and out. This can be advantageous when announcing a new product or service within a common retail setting, putting your brand’s imagery on full eye-catching display. It also makes it a snap to integrate a photo booth into your corporate event, creating a seamless visual experience which is sure to deliver the impact you’re looking for.

Modern Features

While the photo booth still offers much of the same universal appeal it did a generation ago, we know it takes a little something extra to win over today’s tech-savvy crowd. That’s why our kiosks offer all of the latest features and innovations. Choose from a range of cutting-edge booths offering enhanced services such as:

  • Multi-frame animated GIF and multimedia video formats
  • Ability to share and upload directly to social media channels
  • Easy-to-use touch screen interfaces
  • Image filters for creative effects and enhancements

A Booth for Any Occasion

Regardless of your location, Photomation has the solution for your photo booth needs. We offer traditional kiosks, open-air setups for larger groups, modern implements and vintage-style booths to fit any type of atmosphere. We can even accommodate outdoor events with our innovative media truck, a fully mobile and self-contained system which brings the photo entertainment experience to where you are. For your next gathering, make the choice that’s sure to make a lasting impression—choose Photomation photo booths.

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