Our Photo Booth Marketing Innovation 

The Photomation team takes immense pride in creating meaningful photo marketing campaigns.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality photo booth experience one can find on the market today.  At Photomation we love custom!  Established as a photo marketing company in 2010 we have lead the photo booth revolution with our innovation and creative passion.  We have been honored to have worked with a variety of brands over the years.   Helping brands to create successful photo marketing campaigns is what we strive for.  In an industry that continues to grow we are constantly redefining the limits of what can and cannot be done in a photo booth.

Our team is comprised of creative department, back end coders and logistic team that insures we can deliver a first class photo experience for your brand.  Whether you have a vision for your next photo marketing campaign or need help bringing one to light, our team is able to provide you with the guidance need to successfully plan and orchestrate your next photo activation.   We have helped our clients create meaningful photo booth marketing campaigns that include both online and offline engagement.   With the use of our property photo booth software we are able to customize the Photomation experience to become your own.  Our photo booth integration with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow us to maximize our clients exposure at events.  Photomation continues to raise the bar, continually  exploring new ways on how to  bring brand and consumer together in our unique photo marketing platform.


The Photomation team brings you the world’s first scent driven photo booth.  Introducing Scent-o-Matic.  Who says we couldn’t reinvent the wheel!