GIF Photo Booth 

At Photomation we specialize in creating unique and fun photo engagement for our clients. From rocking parties to corporate events, we bring the hottest trends in onsite photography. One of the newest trends to hit the photo booth scene is the delivery of photos to users as animated GIF’s. This cool technology allows users to create sexy, funny, or just awesome animated scenes by stringing images together to create the impression of being a short video. These concepts have been used on the internet for years but we are one of the first to bring a GIF photo booth directly to your party, wedding, or corporate event.


How It Works

Our GIF photo booths create an animation that chains 4 photos together creating your very own personalized GIF photo. We then deliver this animation to our users via email in real time, ready to post to all your social apps. Our ability to customize this experience makes our GIF photo booth easier to use and more powerful than other technologies offered today. With the ability to customize our delivery for users we can control the look and feel of your photo experience, creating an unlimited variety in experiences. This insures that we never lose sight of your brands image, or how you want the images to present.


GIF Photo Booth for Corporate Branding

Our brand partners rely on us to curate unique and fun social events using our solutions. When helping reflect a particular brand image or lifestyle experience for their attendees or employees, our mobile photo booth provides the perfect marriage of design and style control with the flexibility of people to capture amazing moments in absolute clarity. By giving our brand partners the ability to control the preview and design samples we can keep continuity of the presentation without sacrificing the individuality for the users.


GIF Photo Booth for Private Events

Whether you are hosting a weeding, a party, a suare, or a dinner, our booths allow your guests to create unique and fun animated pieces to post to their social media on the spot. Our cutting edge booths give the highest quality photos with the most feature sets so that your guests won’t ever tire of stepping inside to make personalized animations.

Our Team

Photomation, with a full time digital team and back end coders can assist you with all your photo needs while you are using our GIF photo booth. Whether or not you have a creative team that has a vision or need help bringing one to light, we maintain the resources and experience needed to assist you in making the right choice in photo engagement. Photomation has produced numerous successful campaigns both nationally and globally for a variety of brands. Let our expertise help you create yours. When it comes to photo engagement we got you covered!