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How to select the right photo booth for your next event

So you are looking to book a photo booth for your next company event?  How do you select the right company to handle your events photo needs?  Believe it or not the answer to the question is not as easy as you one would think.  With the growing popularity of photo booths at both social and corporate events there has been a steady increase in the amount of photo booth vendors who have entered the photo booth industry.  From a common Google search you can find hundreds of photo booth companies that provide photo booth rental services.   Photo booths come in all shapes and sizes now.  There are a wide assortment of styles that range from low end products such as the home made photo booths to more of the professional booths and cabinets.  So how do you choose the right company to handle your photo needs?  Well the answer is very similar to one you may hear when trying to figure out what car best suits your needs.   To a certain extent all cars will get you where you want to go, from point A to B.  The question is how do you want  to get to where you are going.  The same holds true when selecting the right choice in photo booth services.  All photo booths for the most part will take decent pictures, where they differ is in the quality of the experience each product offers its users.  So if you are looking for a great photo experience I would recommend you keep these five points in mind from the following list below:  This should help you select a reputable company to supply you with  a great photo experience.

The Check List

  1. Make sure you are dealing with a company that focuses on photo booth rentals as their main business. This way you can insure great service and that the quality of your photo booth is up to date when it comes to your event.
  1. Make sure you see a picture of the actual photo booth that you are contracting for your event. This can alleviate you thinking one thing and getting another.
  1. Make sure the photo booth you select uses a DSLR camera to insure high quality photos.
  1. Always make sure the company you select travels with backup photo equipment as technology sometimes fails, and when it does you better be ready.
  1. Finally make sure all of your pricing is laid out ahead of time.  Know exactly what the company will be charging for their services up front to alleviate any surprises in the end.

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