Instagram Photo Booth 

Make Memories Real With Instagram Photo Booths

As one of the Internet’s most popular photo apps, Instagram has changed the way we share pictures with one another. While instantaneous transfers and hashtag referencing make for great convenience online, it can make real-world sharing a little more cumbersome when many of your most interested parties are already in the same room together. Now you can forget about forcing your attendees to juggle their smartphones all evening: Instagram photo booths bring together the best features of digital photography and instant photo development in one easy package.

For All Occasions

Any event or gathering that’s fit to be commemorated in pictures is a perfect fit for an Instagram photo booth. Our kiosks have been rented and sold for use in applications ranging from public entertainment to private weddings. Just as social media platforms can be used for virtually any type of communication, photo sharing is practical in a wide range of situations:

  • Commercial product launches and promotional gatherings
  • Family reunions, birthday bashes and weddings
  • School events, class reunions and more
  • Trade shows and other marketing opportunities

No longer just for personal communications, social media platforms have become a go-to resource when it comes to marketing and brand recognition. Instagram photo booths help to create an instant sense of intrigue at any gathering while also promoting the use of your own custom hashtags, which in turn helps to spread your brand’s message throughout the social media sphere.

How it Works

An Instagram photo booth is a fun way to integrate social media and modern technology at your event, but that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to use. On the contrary, these clever devices are made to operate with a minimum of hands-on involvement. All your guests will need to do is include a specific preset hashtag when uploading their Instagram photos and the kiosk takes care of the rest. Not unlike the instantly-developing film which made Polaroid cameras so popular, our innovative Instagram photo booths offer hard copies of your attendees’ photos on the fly—no memory cards necessary. Of course, the digital copies will remain online as well, making it easier than ever to commemorate a special day while cementing your brand or message.

No Commitment Necessary

Photomation is a full service provider of all types of photo entertainment solutions, from classic walk-in booths to cutting-edge Instagram kiosks. Whether you’re seeking a permanent installation or you’re interested in photo booth rental services for a temporary event, we’ve got the technology you need to make your occasion a success.