Maximize Product Launch Exposure with a Photo Booth Kiosk

Launching a product is a unique opportunity to establish your brand and introduce new clients to your products. If you are planning an event to celebrate your product release, you should come equipped with a unique set of promotional tools that will intrigue attendees and give them something to talk about. Product launch photo booths from Photomation are an invaluable resource to establish branding, engage event goers and create memories for everybody involved. If you are considering a photo booth rental, Photomation can provide a completely customized experience for you and your event so that guests’ photos tie in to your product launch and branding.

Our vintage photo booth will generate excitement among all of your guests. The contrast between technological integration and the old-timely feel of the booth creates an entirely unique and undeniably enticing attraction. The user-friendly interface allows users to post their photos on social media while the aesthetic evokes nostalgia and invites participants to be creative. Integrating your own branding into the experience solidifies the photo booth as a marketing goldmine. As attendees share their snapshots from the event, they will also be sharing your brand and advertising. Your event’s attendees can enjoy the photo booth and help promote your product launch all at the same time.

Amplifying the message of your brand is the key to successfully launching your product. Photomation booths put that task in the hands of your clients, and it empowers them to define, promote and share your products in a way that is fun and natural. Rather than struggling to establish a reputation for your brand, you can let your potential clients and customers maximize your exposure simply by taking and sharing photos. There are few promotional tools that can generate as much excitement as a custom photo experience for guests to enjoy.

While social networks are often the target of advertisers, compelling individual users to promote brands to their friends is a feat that most companies have not yet accomplished. Photomation photo booths change that and let your customers create and share the social experience they want to have with your products. A variety of easy rental options and total portability make Photomation booths the best choice for fun and entertainment at your next marketing or product launch event.


  • Facebook and Twitter fully integrated into interface
  • Instant prints available with choice of filter
  • Wifi capable computer
  • 4×6 photos that feature your branding
  • Entirely customizable interior and exterior


Transform your product launch into a fun, social event with a custom vintage photo booth. Watch as your clients flock to it and spread the word about your brand.