Experience the Difference

Our pictures are worth more than a thousand words!

Photomation provides the ultimate photo taking experience with our custom delivery of photos at events. We offer both branded prints and digital copies to our users with a signature delivery of photos in your very own custom web landing page. Photomation’s specializes in creating custom photo booths that provide custom branded photos for events and GIF taking photo booths for events and trade show events. Our custom software allows us to change the orientation of your photos and backgrounds at events. We offer both portrait and landscape photos with custom super imposed backgrounds. Our digital photos can be delivered as custom animated GIF’s or as a still image. Our photos provide the very best in DSLR quality pictures for our users. Photomation’s specializes in creating custom photo booths that provide the best GIF photo booths and branded photos for events and trade shows.

If you are looking for a custom GIF photo booth then you have come to the right place. Not only to we provide high quality branded prints at our events we also provide our users with a photo booth that delivers animated GIF’s. Our digital booths, provide custom GIF delivery with super imposed backgrounds. This allows us to place our users in the party! Perfect for branding purposes, or creating an exclusive photo experience our photo booths use state of the art green screen technology. Our ability to deliver high quality prints both digitally and in print at your event makes us your number one choice for your next custom photo booth experience.

Photomation delivers all of its photos to its users in your very own custom web landing page. Making it more about you and less about us, we help maximize the experience for your guest during your photo booth activation. Our ability to allow our users to share their photos socially at events allows us to increase the exposure your brand receives. Photomation’s social media photo booths integrate with Twitter and Facebook in real time via our custom software.

Photo Delivery

  • Custom Branded Photos at Events
  • Digital Delivery of Pictures in Custom Web Landing Page
  • Custom Backgrounds of Photos
  • GIF Delivery of Pictures
  • Custom Picture Orientation of Pictures