Your Brands Best Friend 

Photomation specializes in creating a signature photo marketing experience designed around your brands needs and wants. Photomation’s ability to customize the users photo experience for our clients makes us your primary resource for all your photo marketing needs.  Established as a photo booth marketing company in 2010, Photomation has been on the forefront of the photo booth marketing revolution.  Focusing on creating a custom photo marketing platform that offers much more than just high quality photo prints, Photomation provides the ultimate social photo engagement.  Specializing in operating in the retail, trade show, and event environment our products have helped create memorable photo marketing campaigns for a variety of clients.  Photomation’s custom photo experience comes with its very own marketing module giving our clients the ability to collect brand specific data from their users.  This special feature allows our product to be incorporated into both new and existing marketing campaigns.

What is Photo Booth Marketing and why should you consider it for your company? Photo booth marketing is the use of a photo booth experience to promote a specific product or brand.  The selected photo engagement is usually centered around  a branded photo activation offering its users instant photo fun.  This photo engagement is also used to create a special opportunity for the brand to receive valuable marketing data and social exposure.

Photos have become a large part of today’s pop culture. With social sharing photo platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, society has become immersed in the “selfie” sharing picture phenomena.  Social media has allowed brands to interact with people through sharing experiences captured by photos.  The huge success of social media has created  a new marketing platform for brands who are constantly seeking to social interact with their audience.  Photomation provides brands with this social interaction.  Our products custom ability and social sharing platform helps brands tell their story at events, trade shows, retail environments and marketing activation’s.