Creating Memories for Milestone Occasions

Weddings, birthday parties and any other special event all call for celebration and festivities. Organizing a special event can be a challenge for even the most experienced of party planners, though. If your guests are smiling, having a good time and snapping pictures, it’s a good indication that you’ve succeeded. Photography, in fact, is one of the most important aspects of a successful event and one of the easiest ways to achieve a happy crowd. That’s why private event photo booths are such a popular way to engage event attendees, create a fun attraction and make invaluable memories.

If the event you are planning happens to be matrimonial, a wedding photo booth rental is a perfect way to establish your wedding’s theme, give your guests a way to remember the day and offer interactive entertainment to everybody in attendance. As you and your loved one celebrate your union, you can invite all of your friends and family to celebrate with you by snapping photos in the interactive photo booth and sharing them on social media. All of the most special moments from your celebration can be captured, shared and enjoyed forever. No other attraction can offer such a fun and intuitive way to document your event.

A photo booth is also a perfect way to convey the theme of your celebration. All Photomation booths have interiors and exteriors that are entirely customizable, so you can easily design a look that ties in with the rest of your aesthetic. If you are going for a vintage chic tone, you can choose a vintage booth model. The photos your guests take can also be specially designed to commemorate the event. The Instagram photo booth, for example, allows users to select from several filters to add to each photo before printing them or posting them online.

An interactive photo booth can easily become the life of your party. Guests are sure to have fun and remember your day fondly when they look back on the photos they shared and took home with them from the booth. No matter what kind of event you have planned, a photo booth will make it an unforgettable affair.

Features and facts:

  • Guests can share photos via Facebook or Twitter through interface’s social media integration
  • Professional photo attendant will manage booth
  • Service available for New York City and surrounding areas
  • The booth can be vintage, modern or open air
  • Graphic designs commemorating the date can be added


Make your wedding or other special event a truly unforgettable time by renting a custom Photomation photo booth. For years to come, you and your guests will cherish the memories you make.