Creative Photo Booth Kiosk Solutions

Photomation provides a wide variety of photo booths and photo products to choose from. We offer a variety of photo booths including GIF photo booths, social media photo booths and custom vintage photo booths. Using our propriety Hercules software we offer the very best social photo booth taking experience on the market today. Our products provide our clients with a variety of photo solutions to choose from. We have a full line of vintage photo booths, social media photo booths, social photo kiosks and touch screen products and surfaces available for rental and purchase. We are equipped with both a fabrication and software team who have the ability to custom tailor our products to suit your company’s immediate needs. All of our products are built right here in the USA making us America’s number one choice for photo booth purchases, leasing and rentals. Our ability to share our pictures with social networks in real time allows us to maximize our clientsoutreach at both events and in-store installations.

Photomation specializes in creating custom social photo booths for our clients at trade show events, corporate meetings, marketing activations and in-store product launches and events. The Photomation photo experience is a social photo taking experience that allows for sharing of pictures in real time via the social networks. Our custom photo booths service the New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Miami area with the very best photo booths. Our team or professionals will help you select the right photo booth experience for your next event.

Unique Photo Features

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, ours are worth more. Photomation provides a variety of custom photo delivery methods for our clients. We provide the very best in branded photos and digital delivery.


՞    4×6 Branded photos at events
՞  Custom layout of picture template
՞  Custom Digital Delivery of photos in your own web landing page
՞  GIF Delivery of Photos
՞  Microsite Integration