Social Media Photo Booth

Bring Your Event to the World Using Social Media Photo Booths

The success of a gathering is often measured in terms of attendance, whether the occasion is a commercial one or private in nature. What if you could expand your potential list of invitees to include more than just a room or building’s capacity? What if you could actually go beyond, and invite the entire world to be a part of your event? With social media photo booths, you can do just that. All you need is a kiosk, a custom hashtag and a few Instagram users in the room.

What is a Social Media Photo Booth?

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular photo sharing platforms, one which has made it easier than ever for users to upload pictures from their smartphones directly to the Internet. These pictures can be marked with hashtags, or reference labels describing an occasion, person, place, or just about anything relevant to the photograph itself. An Instagram photo booth works by connecting to the Internet and actively monitoring for instances of a predetermined hashtag. For example, let’s say your high school reunion makes use of the tag “#CelebrateClassOf76”. Anytime a guest attaches that specific hashtag to a photo during the event, your kiosk will automatically recognize it and print a hard copy for those in attendance. Your guests will enjoy the fun of circulating snapshots from the event, plus you will still be able to access the photos online via Instagram as usual.

Where Are Instagram Photo Booths Used?

If people are taking pictures, chances are, it’s a suitable occasion for an Instagram photo booth. Our kiosks have been featured everywhere from major corporate events to private family gatherings, at weddings and all types of special occasions. Social media booths are proven winners in virtually any situation. Our photo booth rental service makes it easy for interested parties to keep up with the proceedings while also providing the benefit of brand recognition for commercial entities.

Step into the Future

As Instagram and social media have grown in popularity, so have our social media photo booths. In addition to customized hashtags and exterior branding options, our kiosks even allow users to apply fun filters to instantly transform their digital photographs. Just like the classic photo booths you remember from a generation ago, today’s Instagram-ready devices are easy to use for shutterbugs of all ages. Let Photomation handle the setup and remain on-hand to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. All your guests have to do is smile, say cheese and share in the memories and excitement.