Rent a Custom Photo Booth

Photomation loves creating custom photo booths for our clients.  We have had the pleasure of creating innovative photo experiences for a variety of companies.  Photomation is proud to have produced the world’s first scent driven photo experience for Estee Lauders “Brasil” fragrance launch.  Our innovation created a custom photo experience for Estee Lauder which was featured nationally in their retail environment.  Introducing the new scent in Estee Lauders very own custom photo booth provided the brand with an original photo experience.  Consumers were able to sample fragrance and socially share their pictures in real time creating an amazing in-store experience.  Complete with backend development and a fabrication team we have the ability to create and deliver the very best in authentic photo experiences for our clients.

Contact us today to create your custom social photo booth.  We are looking forward to sharing our innovation with you.          

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