A Custom Photo Booth Experience

The launch of “Scentomatic” by Photomation’s creative team has once again help to raise the bar for photo engagement in the retail environment. Very similar to our brands launch in 2011 in Cannes France as having the first full intergraded Facebook photo booth on the market, our innovative team has once again hit another milestone!

“Scentomatic” is the world’s first scent driven photo booth that allows its users the opportunity to sample fragrance during a branded photo experience. Providing the ultimate brand experience for fragrance companies, you now have the ability to look and smell like your brand at events in the retail environment. Perhaps even more impressive then the technology that drives this experience is a 92% success ration of being able to apply fragrance on the consumer in this interactive and engaging photo platform.

“Scentomatic” is the perfect choice for photo engagement for fragrance companies looking to launch a new product or reinforce an old one. The product also comes complete with a marketing module that allows us to obtain brand specific data from consumers during the photo activation.