Social Photo Booth

Social Photo Booths: Modernizing a Classic Favorite

In the good old days, photo booths were pretty standardized: hit the button, strike a few poses and when it was all done, you’d end up with a nice little strip of black and white pictures. These days, technological advancements have paved the way for an all-new generation of kiosks, which offer many of the perks social media users have become accustomed to. These innovative social photo booths introduce features like Wi-Fi capability, built-in file uploads and animated GIF creation to share and add motion to your memorable snapshots.

Intuitive Integration

Social media has quickly evolved into one of the most effective channels for marketing and building brand loyalty, a fact not lost on Photomation. By tying together our photo marketing know-how with proprietary Hercules software, we’re able to create the kind of technology which makes it easy to transform a typical event into a truly memorable experience. When you rent or purchase a social photo booth from us, you’re getting access to a fully contained and cutting-edge device. Our kiosks are Wi-Fi enabled, utilizing the power of Verizon or AT&T cellular towers (depending on your actual location) for connectivity you can rely on. Users can easily share and upload any pictures and animations they create with the simple touch screen interface, quickly spreading the word about your event and your brand.

Back-End Benefits

Our photo booth rental services aren’t just a great way to spice up events from your audience’s perspective. You can also enjoy the benefit of built-in analytics and performance data, so it’s easy to measure your return on investment by the numbers. Track all sorts of helpful data, including click- throughs, impression counts and more. Our service professionals will get you all set up and ensure that your event is a success from the get-go.

Make it Yours

Any good branding effort requires consistency, which is why we’ve made it a breeze to tailor our kiosks to your environment. Customize the look of the station and enjoy the benefit of instant brand recognition. Build in your own custom hashtags and social media messages to create the cohesive campaign you’re looking for. We even boast a team of digital media experts ready to turn your creative vision into reality, so there’s no reason you can’t enjoy an impactful, professional presentation at your event.

Photomation has the resources to transform any occasion into a memorable day, both for those in attendance as well as those following online. When you add one of our exciting social media booths to the mix, you can bet on a great time for your audience and great exposure for your brand.