Retails Premier Photo Choice

The Photomation custom social photo booth is a photo kiosk that is an ideal product for the retail environment. Operating with a small foot print, our social photo kiosk can provide a variety of in-store functions ultimately leading to a better consumer experience. Designed to create a special social photo experience for your brand, we also have the ability to also engage your audience with digital content. Perfect for promoting awareness for new products or reinforcing old ones, our large HD display is sure to attract attention for your brand.

Photomation’s custom photo kiosk is a customizable photo booth experience that allows users to socially share their pictures via the social networks. Our photo kiosks customization allows us to create a photo experience that aligns with your brands needs. Utilizing Hercules software we have the ability to socially share pictures in real time, collect brand specific information from users and interact with you audience in a fun and engaging way.

Let us help you maximize your brands exposure with our social picture sharing experience. We are a perfect photo booth choice for trade show events, product launches, events, marketing events, and much more.

Engaging your audience in a whole new way

Our touch surface media allows you to connect with your consumers in a fun and interactive way. Perfect for product launches, networking events, corporate gatherings and trade shows, our surfaces are sure to be a hit at your next brand activation. Our touch surfaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our services include touch cocktail tables, highboy tables, interactive walls, kiosks and much more. Ask one of our representatives about choosing the right fit for your next event.