Trade Show Photo Booth Rentals

A trade show is one of the best opportunities to scope out competition, spread the word about your brand and connect with existing and potential clients. Whether you are a seasoned trade show pro or venturing into the scene for the first time, you should know to approach the event with a plan for getting the most out of the time, energy and resources you spend at the show. Having a strategy in place will ensure your experience goes smoothly and you achieve your goals. Trade show photo booths can be the perfect strategy to attract attention, share your brand, promote your products and establish new clientele. It is sure to be the life of the party.

A photo booth evokes the nostalgia and happiness of old times from the past. Photomation combines the appeal of old-timely fun with modern social media integration. Clients who are overwhelmed by the endless presentations, information and demonstrations of a trade show will enjoy the welcome break snapping and sharing a few pictures can provide. While clients have fun in your photo booth rental, they are also helping you establish your brand and market your products to a demographic who may not even be present at the trade show. Anybody who uses the photo booth will be doing your advertising and marketing for you.

You can tote a portable enclosed booth with you, or you can implement an open air photo booth. These options each have different benefits, but you can be sure that no matter which you choose, event attendees will flock to check out your attraction and your brand. Photomation photo booths add an inviting and interactive element to your presence at a trade show. Photo booths can be taken with you to any local or international event where you need to promote your brand and products, and because Photomation is entirely self-contained, you can simply create and manage the experience you want your guests to have with the photo booth.

Photo booths are a fun and innovative way to put branding into the hands of your clients. They can get the word out about your products in an instant by simply walking into your photo booth and sharing their pictures. No other promotional tool incorporates brand promotion in such a fun and easy way.

Features and facts:

  • Fully integrated with Twitter and Facebook
  • Company is independently and privately held
  • Headquarters are located in Long Island, NY and Miami, FL
  • Photo booth is entirely customizable
  • Easy to use interface encourages users to share pictures with your branding


Count on Photomation for your next trade show, marketing event or product launch. Let a custom photo booth revolutionize your brand and your clients’ experience.