Custom Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage Photo Booths Add Ageless Charm to Your Gathering

Even in today’s hustle-bustle world, there remains plenty of appeal in the classics. At a time when seemingly everyone is equipped with smartphones which feature built-in digital cameras, there’s still something about vintage photo booths which simply grabs people’s interest. Perhaps it’s thanks to fond memories formed earlier in life, or maybe it’s just the appeal of ready-made photographs you can hold in your hand. One thing is for sure, though: a good photo booth instantly adds excitement to any event or establishment.

Vintage Appeal, Modern Ability

In many ways, our flagship Photomation T11 is a true blast from the past. Don’t let the label fool you, though; our vintage photo booth is anything but archaic. It features a full walk-in cabinet with an adjustable swiveling seat, hidden behind the kind of classic photo booth curtains which are synonymous with the machines so many of us grew up with.

While old-fashioned appeal is a hallmark of the T11, it is actually some of the booth’s technological enhancements which truly set it apart from the crowd. Consider some of these innovative modern features:

  • 15-inch touch screen interface and exterior high-definition display
  • Powered by custom technology and featuring Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Utilizes DLSR digital camera and sub dye printer for high-quality prints
  • Custom-built flash system provides optimal lighting and exposure

Regardless of whether you’re setting up for a short-term engagement or making a long-term installation, you can be assured that our T11 photo booth will attract plenty of attention from your guests.

Promotional Potential

Gone are the days of simple, monochromatic three-frame photo output. Today’s technology allows for vibrant, full-color 4×6 prints, and that’s not all: our unique software also allows for a bevy of tailored enhancements and other exciting features. Make use of customized screen interfaces, voice prompts, background graphics and more.

Users of the booth can elect to apply one of our fun filter effects, plus with built-in Internet connectivity, they can easily share their new pictures via social media platforms. When combined with the option for custom photo branding, this can be an exceptionally powerful marketing tool.

Timeless Entertainment

From commercial events to private parties, photo booth rental remains one of the best ways to engage virtually any type of audience. Photomation makes the vintage T11 available for rent, lease or purchase, and we even offer the ability to customize the booth’s exterior for completely seamless integration with your event. Make sure your next gathering is one that they’ll all remember—Photomation is here to help make it happen.